What Does Clicking On An Affiliate Link Mean For You?

An affiliate link seems to be a big deal to some people. I know that when I first started online, it felt like a big deal to me too – especially when it wasn’t my own affiliate link! But, now I see things differently, and I think affiliate links deserve to be clicked on and used.

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Being Suspicious Of An Affiliate Link

Today, I received a message from a guy on the Facebook page for writers at iWriter. He wanted to know if I could write something for him, and I said no. Then he wanted to know where he could find a writer, so I pointed him to iWriter through my affiliate link. Then he spent the next half an hour trying to find out if I was going to make any money if he were to order an article, but he didn’t outright ask me. Finally, he said, “But you did send me your affiliate link?”

I’m not sure what was so upsetting to him about it about it, but I thought I might as well address what an affiliate link really is so anyone who considers buying through one can rest assured that nothing bad is going to happen to them.

What Does An Affiliate Link Do?

An affiliate, in the online marketing world, is someone who is working with a company to promote their product or service. The affiliate link is branded with the affiliates personal affiliate identification, and when someone ends up signing up to or buying the product or service after clicking through the affiliate’s link, the affiliate gets rewarded in some way. For iWriter, when someone signs up through my affiliate link, I get a commission for every order they make.

Now, let’s be honest. With iWriter, the commission is a small percentage of what they get from a sale, and that works out to about a dollar or less most times. You get the dollar (or whatever your cut is) added to your iWriter earnings for the week. It looks like this:

iwriter affiliate earnings

For other companies, such as MindValley, you get a much better payout. If you refer someone to one of their products, and they sign up for information, you get a commission if they buy the product within the next 6 months – I think it’s 6 months. If they end up buying the product, for the most part you get a whopping 50% commission. Considering the price point of their products, you can make a lot of money. As you can see, I’ve only made one sale this week, and I earned $147.50 from it.

mindvalley affiliate

Note: If you have a blog focused on self-development, then you can sign up to be a MindValley affiliate here. And, yes, that’s an affiliate link. But I recommend having a decent blog because you have to get approved to become an affiliate.

Why An Affiliate Link Doesn’t Hurt The Buyer In Any Way, Shape, Or Form

If you were to buy from someone’s affiliate link, it doesn’t affect you at all. You don’t pay any more money for the product. You don’t lose out on anything. You just get the product or service you paid for.

It’s as if your friend told you about a great store and you decided to go in and buy something from it. They would be acting as an affiliate for the store, and their recommendation would be the affiliate link. The only difference is that they would not get a commission if you buy.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be scared of clicking on affiliate links and then buying something after you do.

Online companies want people to promote their products and services, so they gladly give an incentive for people (affiliates) to do that. The more people out there promoting their stuff, the more business they can get. An affiliate link is just another way for someone to get to their site, and if they don’t care about paying out a commission to someone for sending a client or customer there, why should you?

Don’t Cheat People Out Of Their Work

The fact is that most people work hard to promote products and services. For instance, with MindValley, I take the course before I promote it. In other words, I pay the money for the course – because they don’t give it away for free to affiliates, and then I spend the time actually learning what the course offers, what the drawbacks are, and whether or not I would recommend it to other people. I don’t just send out my affiliate link and say BUY!

Even with iWriter, I spend hours every week on the Facebook page not earning a thing. I deal with messages daily and help people out, and I don’t earn a dime. So when I earn a few bucks through my affiliate link, I deserve it!

I know some people who will not buy anything through an affiliate link. Even though they know that it will not affect them at all, they don’t want someone else to earn money through their purchase. That blows my mind! That’s so greedy and off the wall that I don’t understand it. Who cares if someone else makes money off something you wanted to buy anyway!

In fact, good for them! It’s nice that someone else is benefiting from your purchase…it means you are doing more than just paying the business for their product or service, you are actually helping someone else earn a living in the process.

What Does Clicking On An Affiliate Link Mean For You?

Nothing. That’s about the extent of it.

You are not affected in any way. In fact, in some cases, an affiliate link may mean you get a discount. For instance, Vloggers often give out their affiliate links that can save someone 20% off a product, so that makes it even more worthwhile for you to click on.

But for the majority of affiliate links, you are not affected at all. You are helping the person behind the affiliate link make a living, though, and that’s nothing to be upset about.

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