EnChroma Reminds Me Why People Don’t Buy Online

Note: This post has been updated with more information on EnChroma’s customer service and glasses. The update is included below the original article.

EnChroma is a company that sells glasses for the color blind. My dad is color blind and I have wanted to get him a pair of these glasses for years. His 68th birthday is coming up, and I finally have the money to buy these things. They are not cheap! I paid $460 CAD for them, including shipping. But, if they can help my dad experience color, then it’s worth it!

Enchroma Glasses: Why They Reminded Me Of Why People Are Scared To Buy Online

I ordered the glasses and then worried about whether or not I had made the right choice. I ordered on a Saturday when EnChroma was closed, so I knew I had a day or two to figure out what I wanted.

I ordered the Receptor Cx-25 Outdoor/Indoor large glasses. They are supposed to fit over prescription glasses, and that’s what my mom thought he would like.

A day later I decided that my dad would like the small ones better, so I used their form to change my order to the small glasses. Then, I noticed that their wording was a bit weird and for the measurements, and I started to worry that the glasses were not going to fit over my dad’s glasses.

You see, EnChroma gives measurements for the frames (large – 62-14-150 mm and small frames 58-10-140 mm) but then follows up with ‘to wear over perception glasses, the total width of the glasses should be 135 mm or less.’ This is confusing. Does his glasses need to be 140 mm or 135 mm or less to fit the small? What about the large? Do they need to be less than 135 mm to fit under the large?

I got my mother to measure my dad’s glasses, and she took the time to draw out his glasses and their measurements. His glasses are 140 mm wide, so I was worried that the small and large wouldn’t fit.

I asked my husband if he would call EnChroma first thing when they opened and ask them about our concerns. That way we could catch them before the order was sent and change it if we needed to.

The next day my husband called minutes after they opened and got transferred to a machine. He left a message with the order number and a number to call him. We felt like everything was going to work out.

I had already sent them a few messages asking them questions like why I couldn’t see the order in my account. So, I expected them to write me back as well as call my husband to discuss our concerns.

The day went on and I received an email saying that they were going to respond to me soon. I quickly wrote them back with the subject line “Urgent: Clarity Needed” and asked them to call my husband instead of contacting me through email so we could discuss our concerns to ensure my dad got glasses that fit.

My husband called 8 more times that day and got the machine every time. At first, it did say he was in a queue, but then it moved him to a machine after a few moments.

At the end of the day he hadn’t heard from them and neither had I, so I said they were probably busy and they would call tomorrow. I wasn’t panicked in the slightest because we had paid $460 for the EnChroma glasses – and with that kind of money, they would obviously be professional and address our concerns before sending out the glasses.

At 7pm, I checked my email and saw an email from EnChroma. It said, “Your order has been shipped!”

I quickly wrote them an email asking them if they were serious. I ranted about how they never even responded to me. I posted on their Facebook wall with a copy and paste version of the email I sent just in case I could get their attention.

Then I opened up a chat box and typed in something. To my relief, I received a message saying that they would be right with me! I was excited. Then, all of a sudden, the chat box closed. (I’m assuming they realized that they had accidently begun a conversation with me and booted it out of there!)

It’s the next day, and I’ve still heard nothing. Neither has my husband. I feel horrible that these glasses may not fit for my dad. I can imagine his excitement followed by his disappointment and it literally hurts my heart to think about. But I feel just as bad that EnChroma didn’t even care enough about our multiple messages through email and phone to respond.

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EnChroma’s Customer Service Makes ME Question Buying Online

I realize that I should have waited to order until I got all the facts. But the truth is that I thought I had ordered the right glasses from EnChroma and was excited to get them for my dad’s birthday, so I just went with it. I never expected to be ignored by a company after paying that much money.


As an online business, there’s no excuse not to go through your messages and reply to make sure that you handle any concerns before you ship the order. Especially when you get an email that says ‘Urgent: Need Clarity’ as a subject.

It’s obvious they got one my messages about changing the size, because the large glasses were supposed to be on backorder and should never have shipped yesterday. However, I don’t actually know what is being sent because I have no orders in my account and they never confirmed what order they shipped.

Poor customer service.

EnChroma’s poor customer service got me thinking about why so many people distrust buying things online. I hear it all the time. People don’t want to buy things online because they think it is a scam and they are going to lose out in some way.

Can you blame them?

Even me, who has been working online for years, and has bought many books, courses, and products online, can’t help but think that EnChroma is scamming me.

Even me, who has sold books, courses, and products online, and tried to convince people that it is safe to do so, can’t help but think that ordering online is not a good idea for something so expensive when customer service will not respond.

EnChroma is a company that sells glasses to colorblind people. Obviously, this is a niche that involves emotions. You can see it in every YouTube video of someone trying on their EnChroma glasses. People are emotional about it. They are emotional when they order it, think about their loved one seeing color, and get to see their loved one seeing color.

If I was working at EnChroma, that would be my first thought. I would want people to have a good experience knowing that it is something that involves a lot of anticipation and excitement. I would take the time to respond to people and make sure that they are going to get what they want.

If my company took off, I would work overtime. I would work weekends! I would do what I had to do until I had the staff to cover the demand I was receiving.

While I haven’t seen a lot of negative reviews about EnChroma glasses, I did find on BBB a few people talking about how they didn’t receive an email or message back to their concerns. This was last year. (Note: Make sure you go to BBB for EnChroma and read their complaint resolution log. They are snarky and sarcastic with their responses.)

This is something that EnChroma should have fixed as soon as they realized it was a concern to people. I don’t care how many staff they have or don’t have. Customer service is a priority in a business like this, and if it means mailing out glasses a day or two later, or getting money in their pocket a day or two later, it is something they should do.

You Got To Think About Your Customers

The good thing about this whole EnChroma deal is that I have been reminded of how scary it is for some people who want to shop online. They are putting their money into the hands of people they can’t see. They are hoping that the people behind the product or service has integrity and will deal with them in an honest way – but they aren’t guaranteed that’s going to happen.

As a blogger who has sold her own books and promoted other people’s products and services, this is something that I need to remember. And, if you want to blog or sell your own product or service, this is something that you need to remember.

If you are shady with people, they are going to lose trust in you. They are already putting themselves in a vulnerable place and paying for something without visual proof that they are receiving it. You need to set up as many reassurances as possible.

  • Make sure your site shows them clearly what they will be getting.
  • Make sure you give them a way to contact you and clear up concerns. A lot of people buy on impulse and then need clarity afterward.
  • Make sure you show them any orders they have purchased and keep them updated on when they will receive them.
  • Don’t make your business more about making money than offering a service.

I am worried that the EnChroma glasses are not going to fit for my dad, and we are going to have to try to contact these guys again. Are they going to respond? Are we actually going to get our money back as they promise? Is this going to be $460 flushed down the toilet because EnChroma is more about making money than pleasing the customer? I don’t know! How could I know? That’s how I feel because of the lack of communication, and I really don’t want to be left wondering and worried about this.

Make Your Products And Services Clear

Besides Enchroma’s customer service, there was another reason I was reminded of why people are so darn scared to order online.

I phoned my mom to tell her that we were just going to have to wait and see now because EnChroma had not bothered to get back to me before they shipped and there was no information about what I had ordered. She already doesn’t trust buying online, so I felt bad telling her this.

She quickly said ‘you can’t trust ordering online.’ Then she told me that she had ordered a sample from a cream company last month and yesterday she had received a full sized bottle with a $147 debit to her visa. She went back over her order and saw that the small print had said that if she didn’t cancel she would be charged $147 next month.

I hate fine print. I hate promoting products that have fine print. People who don’t work online don’t look for those types of things, and I hate to think of how many seniors and other people are being scammed with fine print.

There’s no reason to do this if you are a reputable company. People will buy if your product or service is good.

Don’t hide anything.

Let people know what they are ordering.

Be as clear as possible so that they can decide for themselves.

In the end, if we are going to continue to make money online, then we need to be honest and upfront and forget about trying to make that extra buck any way we can.

Update On The EnChroma Customer Service And The Glasses

So, we got the glasses over the weekend. And when we received the package, the packing slip said that the glasses were large. In other words, they didn’t even bother opening up our first email that requested an order change from large to small.

I used THEIR form for an order change. It was specifically created to get the message of an order change across to them.

They didn’t even bother to look at it. They just sent the original order without even checking their email.

That was the one email I’m glad they didn’t open! The large EnChroma glasses fit pretty well, so now we don’t have to send them back and deal with EnChroma EVER AGAIN! THANK GOD!

I was dreading the possibility of the glasses being too small and having to try and send them back so we could get the large glasses.

Actually, dreading isn’t a strong enough word. EnChroma’s customer service made me want to count my losses because the thought of being ignored by them for another week, month, or however long it took, made me sick.

And, speaking of being ignored, they still haven’t responded to anything we sent them. Not an email. Not a phone call. Not a message. Nothing. We even put in a complaint with the BBB and they haven’t bothered to respond to that.

By now, you think they would have realized that they had received an ‘order change’ email on an order that was made over a week ago. Apparently not. And if they did, which is the other option, then they really just don’t give a shit.

What a horrible company. In all my years of ordering things online, I have never experienced worse.

I’ve experienced rude companies.

I’ve experienced sarcastic companies.

I’ve also experienced excellent companies.

But, I’ve never experienced a company that ignores me in every way, shape, and form. And, it makes me never want to order from EnChroma again.

In fact, I told my mom that if the glasses were too small, I would pay $800 for my dad to get smaller prescription glasses so that the could try these out rather than give EnChroma another penny of my money. That’s how turned off I am by their company.

The thing is my dad really liked the glasses. He said he was able to differentiate colors that were similar and he saw things he’s never seen before. He kept telling us that he was seeing colors better than we were.

They did hurt his eyes, though. They gave him a headache because he wore them for way too long the first day. So, he’s taking his time with them now, only putting them on for a bit each day.

But, he’s excited for fall to come so that he can see the difference. We are going on a train ride for his birthday, and he’s super excited about that.

Too bad the people behind EnChroma are so shitty. My only hope is that this market gets saturated with companies who give a crap about their customers. When that happens, EnChroma will go out of business because companies who care will always outshine companies who have dollar signs in their eyes and don’t even bother to look past their initial orders.

Update #2 – I finally wrote EnChorma a non-professional email, and guess what? They responded to it with a non-professional response. Go figure that the one message that doesn’t address any concerns is the ONE message they respond to.

Update #3 – About a week and a half after their childish email, they tried calling. I didn’t answer, but they called my husband and he did. The woman wasn’t rude, which was amazing, but she still acted like she was doing us a favor by calling us. I’m assuming the only reason they called is because we had put a complaint in with EnChroma to BBB and they needed to clear that complaint out by doing a useless call – and it worked. Even though we expressed that we were still not happy with EnChroma, their BBB rating went from a C- to an A- simply because they took the time to call A MONTH after we needed them to call. That’s not right. They are not being penalized for being complete morons who got our order wrong, didn’t answer our emails, and sent only one message – a rude message – out to us knowing how they had treated us.

Bottom line – EnChroma will never get an order from us again.

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