How I Quickly Come Up With An Idea For An Article

I write a lot of articles. I write for clients and myself. I find that when I’m writing for clients, I’m often much quicker at coming up with ideas than I am for myself. I guess it’s the motivation of getting paid? Probably! But, still, I can do it very quickly. So, how do I quickly come up with an idea for an article? Following is my routine.

Find Inspiration To Write Article Quickly

1. Open Up Twitter And Plug In My Keyword

I find a lot of inspiration from Twitter. By plugging in the keyword, I can find out what’s new about the topic I need to write about, opinions that may make a difference to the article, and inspiration for which direction to take the article.

Let’s say the client wants me to write an article around the keyword ‘make money’. I start by opening up Twitter and typing the exact keyword into the search bar.

make money twitter

If I need to write an article with quotes in it, I’ll open up Twitter and filter the results to only show verified accounts. That way I can quote people who have influence instead of just some random person. Just type in your keyword and then filter:verified. You can tell someone is verified by the little blue circle thing with the checkmark.

filter verified twitter

Note: Check your quotes from Twitter to make sure they are the original people who said them. Sometimes I find verified profiles will tweet out a quote and not give credit to the actual person who said it. But, a quick check in Google can help you figure out if they are the original person who said it or if someone else is.

2. Open Up Facebook And Type In The Keyword

Facebook has a ton of posts that can inspire you too. But it doesn’t always help me. I find Twitter is far better for inspiration. Moreover, it’s too easy to get lost on Facebook when you see that your friend posted some new pictures. In any case, if you want, and you don’t think you will get too distracted, open up Facebook, type in your keyword, and browse through the results.

3. Open Up Some Tabs With Quotes

Then I open up another tab and type the keyword into Google and start opening new tabs on the information I find. I always open up one tab for Brainy Quote and one for Goodreads on the keyword because I find quotes from these places are a great inspiration while writing an article, just like Twitter. The quotes help me think of a direction for the article (if Twitter didn’t help) or they give me subpoints to write about.

To find quotes on Goodreads, just go to the site’s search page, type in your keyword and search, and then choose quotes.

goodreads quotes

Then you will get a list of quotes (pages on pages) that include the keyword of your choice.

make money quotes for inspiration

4. Open Up Quora

By this time, I usually have an idea for the direction I want to go with my article, but if not, Quora will help. You can type your keyword into Quora and a ton of questions will come up to help you find an angle for your article or some points to include in your article.

quora make money

5. Write Down The Topic For The Article

So, using Twitter, Facebook, the quotes, and Quora, I figure out a topic. Today, I found this tweet and it inspired me:

I think the direction of my article, with the keyword ‘make money’ would be something like: Why You Need To Get Committed If You Want To Make Money or Why You Need To Stop Making Excuses if You Want To Make Money.

6. Start Creating An Outline

At this point, you may have some inspiration for subpoints from all the tabs you have open, but if not, you can start typing thoughts into Google to look for some inspiration.

For instance, when I think of someone who is making excuses and not making money, I think of someone who would type into Google ‘make money easy’.

I know that making money requires time and energy. So someone who is looking to make money quickly needs to understand that they have to get a little more realistic about how money comes in and then get committed to doing what they need to do to make money.

Therefore, my first point might be: There’s No Easy Way To Make Money. And I may elaborate on that point talking about how hard successful people work. If I know of some people who are working hard, I would talk about them. If I don’t, I would search the Internet to find some people who are putting in the effort they need to put in to make money. (Usually, that search will inspire more ideas for the article.)

From there, my next point could be: Why Commitment Is Necessary To Make Money. And then I would talk about how committing yourself to your goals and dreams is the only way to make them come true. It’s also the only way to create some change in your life. If you don’t change something, then nothing will change. I might use a personal example at this point if the article is friendly, or I may just search for a study or poll to refer to that helps me back up my point.

7. Keep Referring Back To The Open Tabs For Inspiration

Then I just keep going back to the tabs for inspiration if I need it. If you look, inspiration will come! At least, that’s how it works for me.

If I can’t find inspiration in the tabs I have open, then I look in forums focused on the subject. Or, I look at other articles on the subject to gather inspiration from them. Then I use my own experiences and knowledge to elaborate on points I find.

Following these steps, I have an article written in no time.

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