Should You Write On IWriter As Your Only Source Of Income?

As someone who has been on iWriter for a long time, I have a few insights into the article writing site and how it works. And as a writer on iWriter, there is one issue that I deal with on a daily basis. Fear. Fear that the requests are going to stop coming in and that I will be left without a steady active income.

Should You Write For IWriter?

Yes, I make a passive income off my blogs, but an active income is nice. It’s something you work for today and get paid for. It gives you a steady income each week. Passive income online can rise and fall. It all depends on your list, promotions, and how much interest people have in a particular product. But, your active income should be in your control. Unfortunately, with iWriter, it’s not.

As A Freelance Writer on IWriter, You Active Income Could Die Out Quickly

I have a steady client on iWriter that I’ve had for over six months now. Because he has kept me so busy, I don’t have time to work on making any other type of active income. I barely have time to work on building up a passive income! He is my main source of active income, and, eventually, that source will run out. He can’t request forever.

The thought that he will suddenly stop requesting articles from me terrifies me. What if my active income stops during a period where my passive income takes a dip? What if I can’t pay the bills? What if, despite my efforts, I simply can’t make any money for weeks, months, years?

I know the ‘years’ thought may be a bit unrealistic, but it is a fear I have when I think of everything just stopping. And, when you work online as a freelance writer on iWriter or a blogger who is not pulling in guaranteed money each week, that can definitely happen.

IWriter Doesn’t Make It Easy

Today, that steady client sent me a message telling me that the article looked funny on his end. He said that there were big ‘ink spots’ all over it. He sounded annoyed, as he should be. If you’re paying a lot of money for an article, you want it to look good!

But, the problem didn’t stem from me. I wrote the article on the same editor and in the same way I always do. And, it looked fine from my end.

IWriter had been down for about 14 hours according to one person on Facebook before my client sent me the message. So, I’m assuming that downtime had something to do with the messed up article. And, I’m the one who could get penalized for that. Not iWriter. If my client thinks that it was my fault, he could move on to someone else in an instant because he deserves to get what he pays for.

Why I Have A Hard Time Recommending IWriter

This is why I don’t recommend iWriter to other people. I can honestly say that I would recommend many different avenues of making money online to my good friends before telling them to get on iWriter.

I hesitate because I know that while you can make a lot of money on the site, it can also be your worst enemy. Things that are out of your control can be blamed on you and cause you to be rejected and lose money, tips, and clients.

So, if you are looking for an honest opinion on whether or not you should write for iWriter, this is it: It could be your best friend for a while if you get a great client, but for most people, they struggle to find articles to write for and clients to request from them. Most people don’t make a lot of money on iWriter. And, most people could lose what money they do make in an instant.

My fears are real, and I know that I need to focus on other sources of active and passive income to keep myself afloat. I highly suggest that if you write on iWriter, you do the same!

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