The Pros And Cons Of Being A Mindvalley Affiliate

I’ve been a Mindvalley affiliate since about July 24th, 2014. That’s when I made my first sale anyway. So, I’ve been with Mindvalley for a while and I have a few insights into the ups and downs of it. If you are thinking about being an affiliate for Mindvalley – or looking for a company that has personal growth products to be an affiliate for – then this review is something that you will want to read.

Mindvalley Affiliate Review

What Is Mindvalley All About?

It’s a company that creates courses based on a wide variety of areas of life, such as spirituality, health, success, and even sexuality. Well, there is only one product based on sexuality called Tantra Touch and it’s quite new, but I’m grateful for it because I can now promote a Mindvalley product on my dating focused website.

The bottom line is that Mindvalley is a company focused on helping people create a better life, and their products reflect that.

They always have a free masterclass to accompany a course. That means your leads will sign up to receive a free masterclass to learn more about the subject and the course that they can take.

I’ve attended most of the masterclasses, and they are always interesting and exciting. If your lead has an interest in the subject, there is a good chance they will turn into a commission for you because, in the masterclass, they really highlight the topic at hand which warms up customers and gets them excited about learning more. (I know I’ve been excited for many of Mindvalley’s courses after a masterclass!)

Then, at the end of the masterclass, they introduce the product and usually offer a special discount for people who take action fast. And it is a special discount. There are no games. The price goes up after a certain time for all leads.

The conversion rate is pretty high because people are interested in the topic and then get excited for a product that can help them learn more.

The products are not cheap, which is the biggest obstacle of turning leads into buyers. But, as an affiliate marketer and a human being who buys a lot of courses, one thing I know for sure is that if people really want to learn more about something that could help them be happier or healthier, they will definitely pay the price.

So, if your niche is focused on anything to do with self-improvement, then becoming a Mindvalley affiliate may sound like a good idea. But, there are some pros and cons of doing so, and you should be aware of them before you sign up and start promoting their products.

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Mindvalley Affiliate

Pro – Their Courses Are Awesome

I’ve taken quite a few of their courses, most recently Spiritual Laws of Money, and I can say that they have set them up in a really nice way that makes you want to learn and stay engaged.

Most of them are set up where you go through different modules in the course and you get both text and video or audio to help you learn what you need to learn. And they have workbooks that you can print off to help you stay engaged and learn even more.

In other words, as a Mindvalley affiliate, the people who sign up to take a course under your referral will feel like they are getting a lot of value for the money they paid. That means a small percentage of people will get a refund.

Con – There Are Not A Ton Of Evergreen Products To Promote

Just recently Mindvalley created ‘evergreen’ products to promote. These are products that are sticking around on Mindvalley. Following is what that looks like.

Mindvalley Evergreen Affiliate

That’s not a lot of products to promote. As you can see, they even have Soulvana faded out (what they call hidden), which means I can’t promote it, so I don’t know why they have that as evergreen.

The rest of the products are done in launches. You can promote a product for the launch period and once the launch is done, you can’t promote it anymore. That’s fine for people who have large lists, but for people who want to write reviews on the product, which is what I enjoy doing, it sucks. Writing a review for a product that you won’t be able to promote after the launch is an obvious waste of time.

I had written a review for Unlimited Abundance after I took the course a few years ago before I realized that they were going to take it away. Thankfully they keep re-launching that product so I can keep promoting it. But other than that, all other launches have disappeared after a while. I had also written some Silva program reviews after taking the course and they got rid of Silva completely from their products, so that was a huge bummer.

Pro – You Get A Good Commission From Any Product You Sell

Most of their products are between $250-$1000. Because you get a 50% commission on their products, you can earn a lot during their launches or from their evergreen products.

Con – Refunds Are Subtracted From Your Earnings

I will never understand why an affiliate has to be penalized a commission when one of their leads gets a refund. In my opinion, we get the company a lead who is now invested in their company for life. So even if they get a refund on the product we recommended, there is still a good chance that the company will earn hundreds or even thousands off that one lead through their purchases or their recommendations.

But, Mindvalley will dock you pay when someone gets a refund. So, if you earn $250 for a product and that person gets a refund, they will take away $250 from your earnings.

The refund period for buyers is usually 30-60 days, which is why Mindvalley pays out their commissions two months after you earn them. If you earn a $500 commission in October, then you will get paid for that commission in December. That way if there are any refunds, you will NOT be left with a negative balance in your affiliate dashboard.

Pro – They Have An Affiliate Facebook Page You Can Join

If you sign up as an affiliate for Mindvalley, you can join their Facebook group. The woman who manages that page is very quick to respond and it’s a great way to talk about recent launches and ask questions.

Update: I’ve found that she is not as responsive as she first was. Moreover, she doesn’t respond to everyone equally, which is frustrating for the person who is just looking for an answer to their question. The lack of attention has made me question how much I want to be an affiliate for Mindvalley.

Con – Getting In Contact Through Email Makes Me Want To Poke My Eyes Out

Ever since I’ve been a Mindvalley affiliate, it has been extremely annoying to try and contact them with questions. Usually, they don’t respond for at least a week because – they say – they are extremely busy. I don’t get that. How many affiliates are contacting them in a day? Hundreds? Thousands?

And, sometimes, they have missed my emails altogether, which is beyond annoying. I have actually been contacted by affiliate support a month after sending an email. As if that was going to do anything for me.

In CAKE, the affiliate platform you will use as a Mindvalley affiliate, you can’t even see the contact email. You have to roll your mouse over it in order to highlight it. I’ve always wondered why they never fixed that.

When they do respond, they are quite pleasant, which is a bonus. But after a week or more of waiting for a simple response, it’s still so frustrating!

Pro – They Keep You Updated On Upcoming Launches

In CAKE, there is a section called ‘updates’ and you can find out about upcoming launches there. That’s a great way to plan out your content schedule for the next little while and base it around the upcoming launch. Or, you can just warm up your email list to the topic of the next launch before you blast out a promotional email.

Con – Some Of Their Banner Creatives Are Lacking

I’ve noticed that the banners they create for themselves are pretty decent, but some of the banners they offer their affiliates are pretty crappy.

For instance, here is a banner they give you to promote Soulprint Healing by Carol Tuttle. It’s lacking a bit – like some information!


At least this banner gives you a spot to fill in some information for yourself. I’ve seen some banners from Mindvalley that have the instructor’s name followed by the Mindvalley Academy Masterclass text with nothing else. Those banners have been completely useless.

That said, they seem to be getting better at this. Following is a banner for the latest launch Faster Deeper Bliss. It’s for the free masterclass. At least it gives some indication towards what it is about.


But then here is their banner for the sales page. To me, this is completely useless. It doesn’t indicate what the program is about or why the hell you should click on the banner.


Pro – The Tracking System Is Quick

When you send out an email or blast a link out on social media, you can see the clicks and leads in real time. I love being able to see how my efforts are paying off in that way.

Con – You Can’t See Refunds In Your Reports

In your reports, there is a section called ‘returned’ that has a little red dot that is supposed to tell you whether someone returned their product or not. It doesn’t. I’ve had returns, and this little red dot has stayed red and when you hover over it, it says ‘no’ as if the product has not been returned. They need to fix that.

Mindvalley Affiliate Returned

Update: This has not been fixed, despite me mentioning it to the appropriate people. I’ve had over $1000 deducted from one check and later found out it was because of a refund, yet it still shows that those sales have not been returned. Makes me question whether or not there really was a return.

Pro – You Can Add Tags To The End Of Your Affiliate Links

Just like most other affiliate programs, you can add tags to the end of your affiliate links to track where your clicks and leads are coming from. And it’s super simple. All you do is add your text at the end of the link they give you.

The Bottom Line

Being a Mindvalley affiliate is doing something good for the world. When I signed up to be an affiliate marketer, my main goal was to help people have healthier and happier lives. Mindvalley has products that I can promote to help people achieve happier and healthier lives. Plus, I can earn a pretty good commission doing so.

But, the Mindvalley affiliate program can be frustrating. I feel as though they have some work to do for their affiliates. Some things are small and some things are big, but it all adds up in the end. I’m still debating whether I want to keep promoting them for all of the above cons.

Moreover, if you don’t have multiple streams of income, I wouldn’t recommend solely focusing on being a Mindvalley affiliate. If you make $1000 in a month, there is no guarantee that you won’t suddenly lose that $1000 for a refund that doesn’t show up to you in the affiliate platform. Your efforts will go to waste, and you will be left with no money in the bank. So make sure you spread out your affiliate efforts in order to ensure that money is always coming in.

So far in my experience, when it comes to making money as a Mindvalley affiliate, the conversions are good and the refunds have been low, so if you are in the self-improvement niche in any way, shape, or form, then you may want to consider joining the affiliate program for Mindvalley.  Note: You do have to be approved as an affiliate first. You can sign up here using their program application.

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